Dear guests of Tambov!


The highly professional team of Tambov Regional State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “City Clinical Hospital No. 3” is ready and happy to help you in any difficult health situation! We provide qualified multidisciplinary medical care to foreign citizens, on both stationary and outpatient basis.

Tambov City Clinical Hospital No. 3 is one of the leading medical institutions in our region. It includes: a polyclinic, a women's consultation center and a hospital consisting of nine clinical and six para-clinical departments.

On a 24 hour basis, our staff provide specialized assistance in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology, neurology and cardiology.

Gynecologists provide planned and emergency obstetric and gynecological care for various pathologies of the female genital organs, with the largest percentage being endoscopic surgery.  Specialized consultation on infertility issues is also carried out.

Otorhinolaryngologists conduct sanitizing and reconstructive operations on the ear, all types of tympanoplasty, as well as stapedoplasty.

Our surgeons use advanced methods of surgical treatment, operations on organs of the endocrine system have been successfully mastered.

In the department of functional diagnostics, an entire complex of modern electrophysiological and ultrasound examination is carried out.

The only center of neuro-rehabilitation in the entire region is functioning on the base of our institution, where patients who have suffered acute cerebrovascular disturbances and traumatic brain injury are rehabilitated using modern methods and technologies.

We provide high-tech medical care in the fields of otolaryngology, obstetrics and gynecology, and abdominal surgery.

During treatment, accommodation in highly comfortable wards is possible.

Our institution is equipped with high-tech equipment, we work under license:

No: LO-68-01-001253 from 2nd August 2019. 

Your health is our concern!


Medical tourism in the Tambov region 

Медицинский туризм в Тамбовской области 

Виды медицинских услуг для иностранных граждан 

Тарифы на платные услуги, оказываемые в ТОГБУЗ "ГКБ №3 г. Тамбова" для иностранных граждан 

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